Setting Up Fast Download

Setting up Fast-DL is not that hard, the only bit you have to think about is what type of server you have. There are the types:

* Provided By a Game-server provider(GSP) such as or
* Dedicated Server or VPS - a place where you own the whole 'server'
* Self Hosted

Please see each appropriate section for the instructions.

Server Configuration

This is the same no-matter what server you have. Navigate to /garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg Create 3 new lines saying:

sv_downloadurl “

sv_allowupload 1

sv_allowdownload 1

the option sv_downloadurl will be the place where the fastdl syncs to; This may be in the form of or if you are using a GSP some may provide fastdl url for free.

Provided by a GSP

This is the most common

Some GSP's have fastDL built into their control panel such as Daemonservers, see it on the right.

Clicking something similar to this will sync your fastdl for you all you will have to do is insert the correct URL that your GSP provides.

If your GSP does not provide automated FastDL you will have do it manually. If you are using a “free-forum” you will require web-space to continue if you need this, consult your GSP and see if they offer some free webspace for your game-package some may offer FastDL hosting.

To sync fastdl manually you will need to download SourceRSC from Here Extract this zip to a folder on your hard drive.

Run SourceRSC.exe - This will create a default configuration file for you Now edit sourcersc.ini in your favourite text editor, I suggest Notepad++ This may seem a bit confusing, so read carefully

- Set [GameMod] to GMOD
- Set [GSQryMode] to ftp
- Set [RedirQryMode] to ftp
- Ignore [ServerPath] and [RedirectPath] and [CompressPath] (you may change this if you want)
- Set [SkipAddons] to false
- Set [SkipMisc] to true

The next bit is for the gameserver

- Set [FTPSrvr] to the ip/connection address. If using TCADMIN you can view this in the dashboard for you server. Your GSP will most likley send you the details anyway
- Check [FTPPort] - Some GSP's change the port for FTP
- Set [FTPUser] to your username - If using TCADMIN it is your login name
- Set [FTPPass] to your pass - If using TCADMIN it is your password
- Now if you open your FTP program, and navigate to where you see 'garrysmod' first copy the file path and paste it in [FTPPath]

It will most likley be in the format of ip_port/garrysmod Eg. /

- If Syncing fails set [FTPPasv] to false, else leave as true

Next part is for the web-space

You most likley have recieved a email for your web space FTP account

- Set [Redir-FTPSrvr] to the IP/Address
- Set [Redir-FTPPort] to the port, Default is 21
- Set [Redir-FTPUser] to your username
- Set [Redir-FTPPass] to your password
- Set [Redir-FTPPath] to the location of the fastdl from within FTP

Eg. /home/tru/websites/

- If Syncing fails set [Redir-FTPPasv] to false, else leave as true
- If the program doesn't sync the redirect set [Redir-Upload] to false
- If you did not create the folder's for the fastdl set [Redir-CreateFtpPath] to true
- If you want to know everything set [Debug] to true (Best leave it false)
- Leave [AutoUpdate] to true

Now save the file and run the exe again. This can take a good time if you have alot of custom content and a slow internet connection. Now set sv_downloadurl to your redirect location That's it!

Dedicated Server/VPS

This follows the exact same task as the GSP but everything is local(Hopefully)

In a Dedicated/VPS you have full access to the server and hopefully have apache2 or another web program running allowing you to server webpages. Since clockwork only run's on windows We assume you have RDP enabled and can easily complete this.This tutorial assumes you run a web-accessible space and a server on the same machine.

To sync fastdl manually you will need to download SourceRSC from Here

- Set [GameMod] to GMOD
- Set [GSQryMode] to local
- Set [RedirQryMode] to local
- Set [ServerPath] to where the server is located

eg. C:\Gmod_server\garrysmod

- Set [RedirectPath] to a accessible directory from outside

eg. C:\Wamp\www\fastdl

- You may ignore [CompressPath]
- Set [SkipAddons] to false
- Set [SkipMisc] to false - since this is local it will be quick

You may ignore the rest except for the last few configurations at the bottom and run the exe file!


You may do this in two ways

- Host the redirect yourself
- Upload it to a web-space


This guide assumes you have setup your server so it can be accessed from outside.

Download a package that features a webserver, such as WAMP or XAMPP Now the guide follows the same as the dedicated server Your sv_downloadurl will be your Gameserver ip without the port and wherever you redirected to. Please Note: This can be heavy on bandwidth and resources so this type of redirect requires a ultimate internet package and a high speed.This method is not the best way.

Web-Space Redirect

Since you own a Dedicated server this assumes you are capable of common sense to fill in the configuration file You are local querying the gameserver and FTPing to the redirect.

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