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Phase Four

“A roleplaying schema for Clockwork set under strange apocalyptic test conditions. It is set in the aftermath of a social experiment that causes a group of inhabitants to be left to their own devices, with a set of tools at their disposable to form their own communities… or gangs.”- Cloud Sixteen Store

Phase Four is an official clockwork schema that takes place in the aftermath of an experiement. The schema itself went through many different names, such as experim3nt and Aperature. The schema itself has a story, but for the most part it is heavily shrouded in mystery. Phase Four is typically played as a DarkRP like MMORPG grind fest, though some servers have tried giving it a tangible plot. Phase Four is notorious for being a non-serious schema, and typically servers who run Phase Four don't face the same struggles as those who run HL2RP, since vanilla Phase Four is already entertaining and filling enough.

As of right now Phase Four is available for purchase, and was given a large overhaul by the Cloud Sixteen development team. Link to buy.



Survivor is the default faction in Phase Four. As a survivor, players are given complete control on what they can and cannot do. Typically Phase Four is played with a sort of “no holds barred” type play. Players can typically kill whoever they want, whenever and where ever they want.


Phase Four has a plethora of exclusive items. A list of items and their functions can be found here. Items are sorted alphabetically.





Other Items


Unique Features

Phase Four, given its unique premise and execution offers some unique features not found in other Clockwork schemas.


Players by default are “neutral.” As a player kills more people, or heals more people, the player accumulates either good or bad honor. Honor doesn't do much other than tell other players if a player tends to be a pacifist or a murderer.


Alliances can be formed by players, and when a player creates or joins an alliance their scoreboard title will be set to that player's alliance's name. In the Alliance tab menu players can manage members of the alliance, invite new members, and manage the alliance bank that can only be accessed by certain members of the alliance.


Augments can be bought in the Augments tab menu. Augments change the way you perform certain ways. Augments can allow you to craft more items, can make you jump higher, or give you damage buffs that you wouldn't normally get. Typically Augments run in the thousands of rations, so its not wise to buy many if you're just starting out.


Bounties can be placed on anybody, by anybody. Placing a bounty on somebody gives everybody else an opportunity to make money, with the result being the person who you put a bounty on is dead.


Titles allow players to change how their name appears on the scoreboard. Over time a player will accumulate more titles as they do more things. In the Titles menu, a player can change a new title, and that title will become the suffix of that player's name on the scoreboard.


Victories act much like achievements, but for the gamemode itself. Upon unlocking a victory, it will give you the oppertunity to change your title, and will also give you a cash reward.

e.g John Doe the Cash Gu